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(revisions & changes approved by board of directors on April 4, 2011)



The name of this organization shall be PLAYERS with PRIDE.



The signature of the President of this organization shall be used in lieu of a seal.



1. To establish an organization solely designed to charitably support Deer Park High School, its Athletic Boosters and Athletic Department in its continuing efforts toward improving the school’s facilities and programs, in its pursuit of excellence in all sports and in its goal of maintaining a position of prominence and reputation for all “Wildcat” high school athletic teams.

2. To promote and preserve the friendships and loyalties enjoyed by former athletes of Deer Park High School.

3. To perform such other activities or things incidental to or connected with the advancement of the foregoing purposes, but not for pecuniary profit or financial gain of its members, directors or officers, except as may be permitted by laws governing “Not for Profit”.



Membership in this organization shall consist of the following:

1. Membership is open to any person who has been awarded the varsity letter “D” in any sport at Deer Park High School and who is interested in the purpose of this organization and does not qualify as an Associate Member as defined in this section. All members, who have paid their dues shall be know as Active Members with the rights and privileges provided for in these By-Laws and such other privileges as may be provided by membership.

A. There shall be three (3) categories of membership in PLAYERS with PRIDE.

A1. There shall be a Full Membership available to any person who earned a varsity letter “D” in a recognized, full status sport by the Deer Park High School Athletic Department. All members meeting this criteria and who have paid their annual dues, shall be known as full active members with voting privileges, shall be eligible to hold office and may exercise such other privileges as may be provided by the club.

A2. There shall be an Associate Membership eligible to any athlete who participated in a varsity sport for one full season. Additionally, individuals are eligible to be an Associate Member if they were or are presently head coach or assistant coach in a sport as defined in his Section for a period of one or more years. Alumni who did not earn a varsity letter “D”, team managers and trainers who were members of full status sports, shall be eligible for associate membership. Associate members shall have voting privileges but not be eligible to hold office.

a. There shall also be a Special Exemption whereas the Board of Directors can grant Associate Membership for those individuals who may not qualify.

A3. Honorary Membership may be bestowed on any individual for outstanding service or achievement reflecting favorably on Deer Park High School and its athletic programs. Honorary Members shall not pay dues and shall be allowed voting privileges. Honorary Members shall be determined by the Board of Directors and is reserved for he highest accomplishments and service to the Deer Park High School Athletic Department.

2. Membership dues shall be established by the Board of Directors at the annual meeting for the coming year, dues shall be at least Twenty Dollars ($20.00); Sponsors dues shall be at least Fifty Dollars ($50.00).

A. A copy of the organization’s By-laws shall be available upon request to any member.

B. Membership entitles the member to attend all general meetings and at the Athletic Director’s discretion free admission to any regular season home sporting event.

C. Membership dues shall be reviewed and be announced in June of each year.

D. The due shall remain in effect from March 1, through February 28 of the calendar year



1. PLAYERS with PRIDE shall have an Executive Board made up of the Officers, Board Members and the Athletic Director. The purpose of the Executive Board is to oversee the operation of the entire organization.


Al. The Officers shall consist of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.


B1. President

a. Presides over all meetings of the organization.

b. Becomes an ex-officio member of any committees.

c. Appoints standing and special committees as necessary.

d. Signs official documents and papers for the organization.

e. Must have written approval for check over $100.00.

f. Presents an annual report to the membership.

g. Represents the organization at Deer Park High School athletic functions.

B2. Vice President

a. Oversees any committees. The Chairperson of all committees shall report to the Vice President.

b. Assumes the responsibilities and duties of the President in his/her absence.

B3. Secretary

a. Records the minutes of all membership meetings. Presents those minutes at the next membership meeting.

b. Submits the minutes of each meeting to the Executive Board for distribution within 1 week from the meeting.

c. Records and reads the minutes of all meetings.

d. Responsible for maintaining membership attendance records.

B4. Treasurer

a. Receives, deposits, and disburses all moneys of the organization as directed by the executive board.

b. Keeps an accurate record of all money received, deposited, and disbursed.

c. Signs all checks.

B5. Board Member

a. Contributes to any or all aspects of the above-mentioned duties in the absence of an Officer.

b. Assists in the overall needs of the organization.


C1. All terms shall be a 3 year rolling chair term – secretary to treasurer to vice president to president. After the term as President, that member will then go back on to the board. The board will nominate a member to be elected as secretary. The outgoing president can be elected to serve as secretary by the board members. Term will consist of 3 years with the boards’ discretion to extend the terms of the office. Rolling change of officers will be presented no later than February 14 of that year. The rolling change in office will occur March 1 of that year.

C2. No names shall be placed on the ballot without prior consent of the nominee.

C3. Nominations from the floor may be accepted for any position after the slate of nominees has been placed before the membership.

C4. If more than one (1) name is nominated for a position, a vote of the general membership shall be requested. In the case of a tie, the vote of the Executive Board shall be final.

C5. To elect a slate of nominees when only one (1) name per position is nominated, one (1) ballot may be cast by the Secretary to officially elect the slate.

C6. No member of the organization may hold more than (1) position on the Executive Board.

C7. Only members in good standing may be nominated for office. A member in good standing shall have served this organization in some capacity or be an active member.

C8. All former Officers shall retain membership on the board following the expiration of their office term.


D1. The Executive Board shall appoint the Board Members. There shall be no less than eleven (11) Board Members or more than seventeen (17) serving at one time.



1. A quorum of the general membership shall consist of 51% of the active members. All active members in attendance shall be eligible to vote on the following:

A. Election of Officers

B. Amendments to the organization’s By-Laws

2. A quorum of the executive board shall consist of two-thirds of the Executive Board. All members of the Executive Board shall be eligible to vote on the followings:

A. The disbursement of funds.

B. Routine operational issues.

C. Approval of all fundraisers.



1. The general membership meeting shall be held in conjunction of the annual sports dinner.

2. The general membership meeting may change for extenuating circumstances at the discretion of the Executive Board.

3. Special meetings of the organization may be called at the discretion of the President. Public notification of the meeting to the general membership must be made seven (7) days prior to meeting date.

4. The governing rules of this organization shall be Robert’s Rules of Order in all cases in which they are applicable and in which they are not in conflict with these by-laws.

5. The order of business, unless otherwise stated by the Presiding Officer shall be:

Call to order, Reading of the minutes, Treasurer’s report, Reports of Board Members, Unfinished business , New business and Adjournment.



1. All monies collected shall be deposited into one account maintained by the PLAYERS with PRIDE Treasurer. Whenever fundraising efforts involve the sale of goods, tickets or products the Treasurer is responsible for the delivery of those items and the accounting of any unused or unsold items.

2. The fiscal year shall run from July 1st through June 30th.

3. The President shall be allowed to authorize payments of operating expenses not to exceed

$100.00 at any one time.

4. Expenditures over $100.00 must first have Executive Board approval.

5. All authorized expenditures shall be paid by an organization check signed by both the Treasurer and the President. The Secretary shall be designated with authority to sign a check in the event that either the President or the Treasurer is unavailable.

6. The financial records shall be reviewed yearly by qualified representative(s) appointed by the President and shall include the Treasurer. An annual report shall be presented at the general meeting.



1. The Executive Board shall be responsible for authorizing all Fund Raising activities throughout the year.

2. The Executive Board shall keep a calendar of all planned fund raising events.



The By-Laws may be amended at a board of directors meeting provided that:

1. Proposed amendments are discussed at any meeting prior to the vote to amend.

2. Two thirds of the board members present at the meeting approve the amendment(s).

3. These by-laws shall be reviewed annually by the board of directors.



Upon any dissolution or termination of the existence of PLAYERS with PRIDE, all of its assets shall be used to settle outstanding bills and any remaining funds shall be given to the Deer Park High School Athletic Department.

Deer Park High School



Deer Park High School



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Players With Pride is a State of Ohio certified Nonprofit Organization with IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt status 
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