Players With Pride
Deer Park High School
1st Quarter Minutes

Thursday Feb. 26, 2015

6:00 Meeting call to order:  Frank Thorman

Roll Call: Mark Feldhaus, Ray Hedger, Frank Thorman and Hank Estes



Old Business:

1) Tarps for the Baseball Field have arrived at the High School.

2) Checks still need to be written for the Robert Hollifield and Louis Manning Schlorships



Treasurers Report:

Deposits from Dinner

Union Saving Deposits                                                                            $6849.00

Square Deposits:                                                                             $2839.62

Total Revenue                                                                                            $9688.62


Itemzed Expenses from Dinner

Cash for bank to start dinner                                                      $300.00

Sue Price (deserts)                                                                          $216.00

Lees Famous Recipe (appetizers)                                        $58.00

Kim Watson (Table Decorations                                                     $143.00

Barresi's (Dinner)                                                             $1050.00


               Gift Certificates for door prizes                                        $300.00

               Beer                                                                                  $223.00

CEI Sports                                                                                       $650.00

Pay-outs for Super Bowl Squares

               Cole Cunningham                                                     $1250.00

               Roger VanPelt                                                             $200.00

               Connie James                                                                $100.00

               Chip Englert                                                              $200.00

Gordon Food Services                                                                           $330.44

Dairy Mart (beer)                                                                $23.45

                                                            Total Expences:                           $5043.89

Net profit from Dinner: 4644.73



                                                            Checking Account                           $7946.16

                                                            Savings Account                              $812.55

                                                            Certificate of Deposit                   $6250.42

New Business:

               Ray Hedger made a motion to utilize a fund rising event.  For $600.00 we can purchase

               a 20 seat box for a Dayton Dragons game. We will sell 100 tickets at $20.00 apiece. For

               a $1400.00 profitt.  The game will be the first week in May. Mark Feldhaus second the




at 6:45 Frank Thorman moved to aduourn the meeting

Mark Feldhaus sencond




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